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Insane Workout Calendar Download | Zdnet

Indeed once your first 60 days is done, why not do the recovery week again, and then start over, from experience, you will continue to get results. * This app is tiny, and has exercise a small footprint, and should not consume resources. * Uses the calendar/contacts permission only, to view, add and remove (events it added). No other permissions needed (no Internet, no adds, etc) Beta testers:- * Please email feedback to the email address below. * Suggestions for enhancements would be greatly appreciated. * Please forward bugs, including a description, how to recreate, and some details about your device, OS and anything else you feel may be related. * If you want inclusion into the AlphaT25, Max 30 or other workout, please email below.
Full story: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/2129-76245351/

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